It took taken almost two years to design and manufacture our special Rig for Wingwalking. This entirely new design had to undergo complete stress analysis; of the materials, of the construction and of the interface  with the aircraft. It is the most recent design to gain full approval from the Civil  Aviation Authority in UK and has now been  accepted as a Major Modification for a Boeing Stearman aircraft. We are therefore absolutely confident in  offering this for training and flying Wingwalkers.

It is fixed to the top wing of the Stearman, the Rig being designed to make the Wingwalk or wing-ride as comfortable as possible with a special 5-position Safety Harness strapping the Wingwalker securely in place.

Flight tests were carried out by a CAA test pilot with a 6ft, 170lb dummy (named Jake!) to determine maximum speed allowable, and any changes in the handling of the aircraft and general performance, all of which were passed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).