Wingwalk Displays Pilot - mike dentith

Mike has been a professional display pilot for the last 30 years

Mike Dentith grew up in the South East of England and on leaving school  trained as an actor working in regional Repertory companies and touring the UK in various theatre  productions.  With a need to increase his  income, he started his own business selling cars and caravans.  One year the Taxman did not demand as much  money as expected – a very rare experience! – and the money saved came to be  used to pay for his Pilot’s licence!!

Mike has been a professional display pilot for the last 30 years, first  with the Tiger Club in Redhill where he learnt the skills of Formation flying  and aerobatics, and then The Skyhawks Aerobatic Team with whom he travelled all  over Europe and as far as Chile.  More  recently he was the Flight Leader for the UK’’s famous Wingwalking team, initially  as the “Crunchie Flying Circus” subsequently called  “Utterly Butterly Barnstormers”, travelling  with the Team to Europe, Dubai and China.

Many years have been spent with young beautiful girls standing on his wing as well as training members of the public in the art of Wingwalking, which is why he is expanding his horizons to offer more areas in the UK from where Wingwalkers can be trained.

He has 5000 flying hours and has performed over 2000 Air Displays on three continents, Europe, Asia and South America. As one of the most experienced Wingwalking pilots in the world, he has participated in setting various Records including a Wingwalkers Hand-touch between Two Aircraft, and a Plane to Plane Transfer with Yves Rossy, “Fusionman”as well as flying Tom Lakey who at 85 was the oldest Wingwalker ever to do a “loop the loop”, and again in 2009 entered the Guiness Book of Records for Wingwalking across the English Channel in his 90th year. Mike holds a UK Display Authorisation and is an Approved Examiner of Display Pilots.