Adrenaline Flights operate out of Dunkeswell, Devon.

Meet the age, weight and fitness criteria and you will have an incredible and unforgettable 20 minute experience.
Families and friends can watch in admiration and take lots of pictures as you do an optional Loop-the Loop.
Ride in the front seat of a 1940’s Boeing Stearman Biplane flown by a highly qualified pilot.
Fly out to the beautiful Sidmouth Coast where you will complete some exciting manoeuvres over the gorgeous Devon coastline before heading back to Dunkeswell Airfield and conclude your flight with an exhilarating Loop-the-loop for all of your friends and family watching from the airfield to see!

The Day

Full pre-flight briefing with detailed instructions.
Allow spending up to three hours at the airfield.
Loop-the-loop from the front seat of our beautiful Boeing Stearman Vintage Biplane in front of your family and friends.
Record your flight from a wing-mounted camera (+£49 for photos and +£79 for video)
Receive a certificate as confirmation of your Wingwalk.
How to book

Please contact us to arrange a date for your Adrenaline Flight experience.


Location Midweek Anytime

Midweek flights – £399
Weekend & bank holiday flights – £439
Wingmounted Camera Photos (including FREE smoke): £49
Video: £79
Photo and Video Package: £99

If you are doing an Adrenaline Flight in aid of a charity the cost is £399 – it may be possible to do your Adrenaline Flight for free by raising a minimum of £599 – please contact us for more details.


  • Under 114kg (18stone). Additional charges may apply if you are over 95kg/15stone.
  • At least 14 years old. There is no upper age limit but you need to be physically fit and well to participate in this experience.